iZorb in Scotland

If there is an adventure sport that has become a trend in the last few years, that's undoubtedly zorbing!

Now you can enjoy the adrenaline and discover zorbing in Scotland thanks to iZorb, the UK's first zorb supplier. Whether you are planning a charity venue, a birthday party or even a corporate event, iZorb will provide you with the thrill and the excitement of the best zorbing experience.

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There is something crazy in the idea of running around inside a huge inflatable, bouncy ball but that’s exactly what makes zorbing such a fun experience! You will only have to climb inside the zorb ball to get a new perspective of the world, a world where you don’t have to run or walk anymore: now you will roll, bounce and even float on the water. If that’s not one of the most amazing experiences of your life, we don’t know what will be!

Zorb balls for everybody

Our zorbs have been designed to be extremely safe so everybody, adults and kids, can enjoy the fun without getting a scratch. Zorbing is, after all, an experience for the whole family and you won’t need any kind of training to enjoy it. Zorb balls come in different colours, types and sizes. You can get the 3m large zorb hamster to play zorb ball football or maybe you could jump into a 1.8m coloured aqua zorb if you would rather be water zorbing in Scotland. It is completely up to you, your guests, and, of course, the kind of event you are celebrating.

A perfect day for zorbing in Scotland

Any day is a perfect day to enjoy zorbing! iZorb entertainment service takes care of your venue and will ensure that the event runs smoothly. We are experts in event management, and will provide you with qualified operators, staff, inflatable characters, laser shows and, of course, our self contained mobile zorbing centre.

iZorb offers a huge range of zorbs and attractions for you to choose from for your activities. Including:

Hill zorbing

Jump into a zorb ball before being push down a grass hill. You will be able to experience a close-to-zero gravity effect and could get as fast as 30 mph! But don’t worry: you will be safely harnessed inside the ball.

Water zorbing

There’s nothing like water zorbing in the hot days of summer. Also known as aquazorbing, water zorbing allows you to walk, roll and run on the surface of the water, no miracles needed. So if you have the water, iZorb will do the rest!

Chill out zorbs

A quite unusual, but certainly relaxing use of the zorb balls is what we like to call Chill out zorbs. The 3m Hamster zorbs are tethered to the ground and the experience is accompanied with music and soothing sounds. Especially thought for those who are looking for a unique night!

Giant inflatable assault course

iZorb’s new attraction includes an inflatable climbing wall and obstacle bouncing course. No matter how old you get: this is a classic everybody will enjoy!

Football zorbing arena

iZorb can provide you with its own exclusive arena for a safe environment if you are planning to play zorb football. This is especially useful for events with children from the age of 8 upwards, but adults will also enjoy bouncing and kicking around in this fun football arena!

Zorbing hire

Zorbing is the perfect entertainment for any kind of event. Over the course of our more than ten years of experience we have worked at numerous festivals and provided a great number of customers with great experiences in their private venues.

When it comes to organising an event, we won’t be satisfied until you are absolutely happy. So why not give us a call for more information about what we can do for you and your event?

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