iZorb- bringing the zorbs to you, a self contained mobile zorbing centre, providing an immediate thrill. A perfect introduction to the concept of zorbing.

Land zorbing from £395, water zorbing from £495

Self inflating and self powered, iZorb can be situated (Size :20m long x 6m high x 5m wide) Anywhere that’s flat and large enough to inflate it. Can be powered by generators or connected to a main power.

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Exclusive iZorb design

Super safe zorbs, designed by iZorb based on years of zorbing event experience. All izorbs can go on land or water.

iZorbs are perfect for stadium zorb racing. At 2.2m round they cannot take out any rugby posts. Small enough to maneuver around a stadium, large enough to be noticed.

As supplied to Leicester Tigers, Sale, Salford Reds and Swinton.

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Exclusive design features

  • Emergency exit point
  • Double T-zip
  • C/E twist-lock valve
  • Double skin zorb design for both land or water

iZorb offer a range of zorb types and sizes

  • 3m large zorbs hamster or harness
  • 2.2m exclusive iZorbs
  • 1.8m coloured original aqua zorbs


  • Land zorbing from £395
  • Water zorbing from £495

iZorb Assault course

  • for timed races
  • team building/bonding exercises
  • for all ages
  • self-contained, one-piece design
  • inside or outside venue

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Water arena

iZorb can provide a self-contained water arena, complete with 3 exclusive zorbs.

Zorbs are permanently inflated and can double the takings/ halve the down time of all other water zorbs available.

Exclusive design of water zorbs as designed by iZorb.

Please note it takes from 2-12 hours to fill depending on hose pipes/water supplier.

iZorb has a selection of water arenas:

  1. smallest – 2 iZorbs – 6x4m – (navy)
  2. medium – 3 iZorbs – 8x8m (sky blue)
  3. largest – 4-6 iZorbs – 12x12m (dark navy)

we also have boats available.

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Body zorbs

All zorb sizes are available with a unique option of colours – from high quality to budget range. iZorbs are supplied to many events throughout the UK, we can can create a zorbing area for any specified age range and on any area provided.

iZorb’s single skin zorbs, as used by CBBC, can be used on land, indoors or on water.

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Hill Zorbing

iZorb can deal with your entire zorbing requirement. Corporate days out, Family Festivals, Charity Fund raisers, School fetes. iZorb can offer 3 types of Zorbs- Harness, Hamster, or Clear for use on land. iZorb can supply Branded zorbs–(if time allows).

Water Zorbs / Aqua Zorbs

iZorb is proud to present clear Water Zorbs / Aqua Zorbs – available for hire at any venue. The Water Zorbs / Aqua Zorbs have many uses, so if you have the water, iZorb will do the rest. Crowd Zorbing, Hill Zorbing, Field Zorbing, shopping centre Zorb hire – iZorb will provide the zorbs you require for any venue.

Private Parties

iZorb has full public liability insurance – this includes Hill Zorbing, so if you have the land, then subject to a risk assessment, we really can bring the zorbs to you.

Chill out Zorbs

For the more sedentary zorbing experience, the 3mt round Hamster zorbs are tethered to the ground. To provide a serene and relaxing environment. Accompanied by soothing sounds and attendants, this is a most unusual and unique use for iZorb.

Available now!

Giant inflatable assault course

Introducing iZorb’s new attraction, giant inflatable assault course, complete with inflatable climbing wall, and including obstacle bouncing course. One piece giant inflatable , 12m long x 4m wide, 4.5m at its highest point – inflatable assault course with internal climbing wall and bouncy slide.. Good for corporate team building, scout events and school fetes/p.t.a.s.

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Football zorbing arena

Self-contained football zorbing

Complete with its own exclusive arena, iZorb can bring football zorbing to any available venue in the UK. We can supply different sizes of body/football zorbs and the activity is suitable for anyone from around the age of 8-10 years upwards.